Sunday, October 9, 2022

Chinese stocks

(by market cap)                        
Ticker   Company name Mkt Cap
  1. BABA   Alibaba   219.48B; e-commerce
  2. PDD  Pinduoduo  80.27B
  3. JD  79.34B
  4. NTES  NetEase  51.71B
  5. BIDU   Baidu  42.08B
  6. NIO   Nio   23.83B; electric vehicles
  7. YUMC   Yum China Holdings  20.46B; restaurants
  8. BEKE  KE Holdings 19.53B; real estate services
  9. ZTO   ZTO Express 19.32B; Freight & Logistics
  10. LI  Li Auto  18.789B; electric vehicles
  11. TCOM  18.77B; travel services
  12. ZNH   China Southern Airlines 14.51B; airlines
  13. CEA  China Eastern Airlines   11.30B; airlines
  14. HTHT  H World Group  11.28B; lodging
  15. XPEV   Xpeng Motors  8.82B; electric vehicles
  16. BZ   Kanzhun   7.24B;   Staffing & Employment Services
  17. TME  Tencent Music Entertainment  7.18B; online music entertainment platform
  18. YMM   Full Truck Alliance  7.15B; digital freight platform
  19. BILI  Bilibili  5.92B; electronic gaming
  20. FUTU  Futu Holdings  5.47B; online brokerage services; Hong Kong
  21. VIPS  Vipshop  5.40B
  22. LU  Lufax Holding  5.12B; credit services
  23. EDU  New Oriental Education  4.49B; for-profit education
  24. WB  Weibo  3.93B; social media platform
  25. ATHM  Autohome  3.84B; online destination for automobile consumers
  26. DQ  Daqo New Energy  3.774B; solar power
  27. ZLAB  Zai Lab   3.30B; biotech
  28. GDS   GDS Holdings  3.28B; data-center operator
  29. TAL  TAL Education 3.24B; for-profit education
  30. CD  Chindata Group   2.91B; data centers
  31. JKS  JinkoSolar  2.55B; solar power
  32. QFIN  360 DigiTech  2.296B; credit services
  33. MNSO  MINISO Group  1.84B; retail
  34. IQ  iQIYI, Inc.  2.11B; online entertainment services; subsidiary of Baidu
  35. RLX   RLX Technology  1.46B; e-vapor company
  36. DADA   Dada Nexus  1.31B; retail
  37. FINV  FinVolution Group  1.31B; credit services
  38. NOAH  Noah Holdings  1.09B; asset management
  39. HOLI  Hollysys Automation Technologies   1.07B; automation control systems
  40. MOMO  Hello Group Inc. 986.54M; online entertainment services
  41. NAAS  NaaS Technology  788.11M; electric vehicle (EV) charging services
  42. DDL  Dingdong 778.85M; e-commerce
  43. VNET  VNET Group 759.36M; data centers
  44. RENN  Renren  749.29M; software—application
  45. ZH  Zhihu  699.32M; online content company
  46. YSG  Yatsen  639.11M; beauty products maker
  47. SOHU  555.29M; mobile gaming
  48. TUYA  Tuya Inc.   552.33M; Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform
  49. CAN  Canaan   549.84M; bitcoin mining equipment maker
  50. DAO  Youdao  534.11M; search engine released by NetEase
  51. HUYA   HUYA Inc.  531.07M; mobile gaming
  52. RERE  ATRenew  519.16M; ecommerce
  53. KC  Kingsoft Cloud  512.88M; cloud services
  54. TIGR  Up Fintech  505.11M; online brokerage services
  55. API  Agora  395.12M; software tools
  56. GOTU  Gaotu Techedu 303.354M; for-profit education

  • riding-hailing outfit Didi Global (DIDI), 

China Stock Investing Via ETFs
KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF (KWEB) tracks major Chinese internet companies. Many Chinese stock holdings in the KWEB ETF are U.S. listed or traded, such as Alibaba stock,, Tencent, Pinduoduo and Bilibili, but KWEB also holds companies listed on Chinese markets. Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull (YINN) is a three-times-leveraged ETF of the 50 largest companies listed in Hong Kong, including Alibaba, and Tencent stock, but its biggest weights are in financials. (The Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear (YANN) is a three-times-leveraged ETF shorting Hong Kong's biggest companies.) 

Other OTC:
  • TCEHY  Tencent  330.16B; technology and entertainment conglomerate
  • BYDDF  BYD Co.  91.75B; electric vehicles

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