Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stansberry & Associates

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research is majority owned by Agora Inc., a private global holding company based in Baltimore, Maryland

Agora Inc. has been in business since 1979. It has interests in dozens of publishing entities around the world, from book publishing in Paris, France (Les Belles Lettres) to magazines in London, England (Moneyweek, the leading financial magazine in Great Britain) to financial newsletters in the United States, South America, Australia, and Spain. Through its holdings, Agora is the world's largest investment newsletter company. Stansberry & Associates Investment Research is Agora Inc.'s largest operating subsidiary.

Agora also holds interests in several other private businesses, conducting operations in diverse fields, such as accounting and beachfront real estate development.

Bill Bonner is the majority owner of Agora. Mr. Bonner is a well–known economist and commentator in his own right, having written daily about the world's financial markets since 1999. Millions of investors around the world have read Mr. Bonner's columns via The Daily Reckoning and his current editorial project, Dairy of a Rogue Economist.

Porter Stansberry, our founder, partnered with Mr. Bonner and Agora Inc. to launch Pirate Investor in 1999 – the forerunner to S&A. Pirate Investor quickly developed a large global following. Mr. Stansberry was able to successfully launch several additional titles, broadening the investment strategies being covered in Pirate Investor's publications. In 2004 the name of the business was changed to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research to better reflect the evolution of the business.

Today Stansberry & Associates Investment Research remains headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. We have approximately 150 employees, who work in our three main offices.

We have one satellite office in Delray Beach, Florida, one outside of Jacksonville, Florida, and our headquarters is located in the historic Mt. Vernon district of Baltimore, MD. More than a million people, in more than 120 countries, read our products daily. We have more than half a million paid subscriber accounts, making our firm one of the largest (if not the largest) independent investment newsletter firms in the world.

Founder Porter Stansberry served as CEO of our company from 1999 to 2012. Matt Smith took over as CEO in 2012 and continues to lead our company. Matt Smith, along with Porter Stansberry, Steve Sjuggerud, and Mike Palmer, hold a partnership interest in the business alongside Agora Inc.

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