Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Natural gas stocks



(by market cap)                        
Ticker   Company name Mkt Cap
  1. ENB Enbridge  76.70B ; assets in crude oil, liquids and natural gas pipelines, terminal and midstream operations; Calgary, Canada
  2. LNG  Cheniere Energy  43.91B; Texas; one of the world's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters.
  3. KMI  Kinder Morgan  39.66B; Texas; one of the largest natural gas infrastructure companies
  4. CTRA Coterra Energy  23.61B; Texas; explores for and produces oil, natural gas, and NGLs.
  5. EQT EQT Corp.  13.99B;  Pennsylvania
  6. CHK  Chesapeake Energy  11.73B; Oklahoma
  7. AR  Antero Resources 10.25B; Colorado
  8. DCP  DCP Midstream  8.21B; 35 natural gas processing plants; Colorado
  9. MGY  Magnolia Oil & Gas  7.20B; Texas
  10. RRC Range Resources  6.80B;  Texas
  11. SWN Southwestern Energy  6.93B; Texas
  12. DEN Denbury  4.85B; Texas; previously known as Denbury Resources (NYSE:DNR)
  13. ERF Enerplus 3.9B; Canada
  14. CRK Comstock Resources  3.85B; Texas
  15. VET  Vermilion Energy  3.70B; Canada
  16. CNX CNX Resources  3.35B; Pennsylvania; properties within the Appalachian Basin
  17. CRC California Resources Corporation 3.32B; California
  18. GLNG  Golar LNG   2.76B; Bermuda; nine LNG carriers, one FSRU, and three FLNGs
  19. NOG Northern Oil and Gas  2.72B; Minnesota
  20. CPE Callon Petroleum  2.71B; Texas
  21. ESTE Earthstone Energy  2.12B; Texas
  22. TALO Talos Energy  1.74B; Texas
  23. GPOR Gulfport Energy  1.69B; Oklahoma
  24. LPI Laredo Petroleum  1.08B; Oklahoma
  25. EGY VAALCO Energy  601.32M; Texas
  26. TK  Teekay   392.21M; Bermuda; fleet of 55 vessels
  27. GNE  Genie Energy  232.21M; New Jersey


 Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
To move this cleaner-burning fuel across oceans, natural gas must be converted into liquefied natural gas (LNG), a process called liquefaction. LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to –260° F (–162° C), changing it from a gas into a liquid that is 1/600th of its original volume.

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