Sunday, January 31, 2021

Silver miners

Silver is valued both as an industrial metal and as a precious metal. It is used in jewellery, electronics, and photography. Many investors use it as a safe haven in times of economic turmoil and sometimes as a hedge against inflation.

(by market cap)                        
Ticker  Company name Mkt Cap
SLV - Silver Trust, the oldest ETF containing physical silver; managed by BlackRock subsidiary iShares  
SIL - Global X Silver Miners ETF
  1. FNV  Franco-Nevada  22.654B; Canada
  2. WPM  Wheaton Precious Metals  18.389B; Canada
  3. PAAS  Pan American Silver  6.776B; Canada  
  4. AG    First Majestic Silver   3.978B;  Canada
  5. SSRM  SSR Mining  3.845B; Canada
  6. HL  Hecla Mining  3.022B;  USA
  7. MAG  MAG Silver  1.844B; Canada
  8. FSM  Fortuna Silver Mines  1.42B; Peru
  9. SVM  Silvercorp Metals  1.126B;  Canada
  10. SILV  SilverCrest Metals  1.298B;  Canada
  11. EXK  Endeavour Silver   779.486M; Canada
  12. MUX  McEwen Mining  503.98M; Canada
  13. AXU  Alexco Resource  391.016M;  Canada
  14. GPL  Great Panther Mining  293.026M;  Canada  
  15. ASM   Avino Silver & Gold Mines  110.285M;  Canada


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