Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Apple (AAPL) suppliers - news

  • Nov. 4, 21:  Laser manufacturer NeoPhotonics (NPTN) is being acquired by Lumentum (LITE) in a bid by the Apple supplier to expand its presence in high-speed optical networks. Lumentum  will pay NeoPhotonics stockholders $16 a share in an all-cash transaction. The deal is valued at about $918 million.
  • Feb. 17, 20: Apple warned that it likely will not meet its guidance for the current quarter because of business interruptions related to the outbreak of the current coronavirus strain known as Covid-19. "Work is starting to resume around the country, but we are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated," the company said in a note to investors
  • Jan 9, 2019: Apple (AAPL) will cut production of its three new iPhone models by 10% in the January-March quarter, the Nikkei Asian Review reported Wednesday. Last week, Apple shares tumbled after the tech giant announced disappointing iPhone sales and a sharply lower revenue forecast for the holiday quarter. The Nikkei said Apple has asked suppliers twice in the past two months to trim planned production of the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. The latest request was reportedly made before last week's announcement. The Nikkei reported the move would reduce the total number of iPhones made this quarter from the previously estimated range of between 47 million and 48 million, to between 40 million and 43 million, or more than 20% less in terms of year-over-year quarterly production. 
  • Jan, 2019: Apple's latest iPhone models are seeing huge discounts from retailers in China. The technology giant recently revised its first quarter sales forecast downward, putting a large part of the blame on a slowdown in the Chinese market. Experts said a mixture of a poor pricing strategy and a lack of exciting features compared to local rivals like Huawei has led to the newest iPhones' weak performance in China.
  • Apple's 512GB iPhone XS Max, the most expensive of the new models, costs $1,499 in the U.S. But in Asia's largest economy, the un-discounted price is 12,799 yuan, or nearly $1,900 — a more than 26 percent premium. Other variations of the latest iPhone models have similar price premiums in China.
  • Jan 2, 2019 : (source) Reportedly, Apple is collaborating with Sony Corp.(SNE) to deploy 3D cameras on iPhone XI in a bid to revive dwindling iPhone sales globally. The company plans to leverage Sony’s long-range 3D Camera based on Time of Flight (ToF) technology.This move is expected to enhance iPhone’s photography, security and gaming features, which will help in luring more customers. Further, it will enable users to precisely map objects in 3D and focus on every part of the picture up to five meters. Moreover, it can also be used to track objects in the dark.
  • Dec 2018: Apple (AAPL)announced they’ll no longer disclose iPhone sales, a major metric of business health for investors and analysts.

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