Friday, January 10, 2014

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE)

WASDE report (Quarterly Grains Stocks report)

The focus is inventory in both reports. In the Quarterly grains stocks report, inventory reported refers to physical actual inventory in the U.S.In the WASDE, the inventory figures that is key is a monthly estimate, which is ultimately used at the figure for year-end inventory at the end of the fiscal crop year.

1/10/14: USDA releases WASDE report; corn prices spike. USDA lowers 2013/14 ending stock estimates for corn to 1.631 bln (COMDX) : Click here for WASDE report.   

Following is a list of agriculture stocks/ETFs that are affected by the USDA data:
  • Fertilizer stocks (POT, MOS, CF, AGU, IPI, UAN, TNH, RNF, RTK, BG)
  • Farm machinery (DE, AGCO, CNH, TITN)
  • Seed names (MON, SYT, DD, DOW)
  • Irrigation (LNN) 
  • Ag processors (ADM, ANDE)
  • and livestock (SAFM, HRL, SFD, TSN). 
  • Related ETFs: JJG (grains ETF), CORN (corn ETF) and WEAT (wheat ETF).

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